5 BEST APPS TO MAKE MONEY FROM MOBILE PHONE (WORLDWIDE) with literally just using your good old cell phone. Five brand new never before seen apps that you can make money with literally as soon as today just using your good old cell phone.

All right what is up guys welcome back to another exciting article where we’re gonna be talking about the 5 BEST APPS TO MAKE MONEY FROM MOBILE PHONE (WORLDWIDE) online passive income, side hustle whatever you want to call it. We’re gonna show you how to do it today and the best part is these apps are brand new never before seen and we went out and did all of the research for you guys. We know and can guarantee that these apps are the best of the best there are no scams 100 legit they have tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of reviews they’ve paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to everyday people just like you and me. I’m gonna show you guys how you can tap in and start generating money from them as soon as today and so we’re gonna count down the top five apps from number five down to the number one app that you can make the most money from just using your cell phone.

  • Number five is a multi-billion dollar company that’s been around for years and years and years called RAKUTEN. Now, what RAKUTEN does is they allow you to earn cash back literally for just shopping on websites that you would already shop on now you might be thinking yourself but how can they offer you cash back just to shop on websites I already shop on well they’re able to do that because they’re driving traffic to those other sites so let’s take an example let’s say you want to go get a pair of jeans from the GAP you could either go to the GAP directly and pay a hundred dollars or you could go on the racket in and get those same pair of jeans from the same website from the gap but racking would pay you eight percent cash back which means that you’d get those same jeans for just 92 dollars the reason that they do that is that RAKUTEN is driving brand new online traffic to the GAP which means RAKUTEN makes money from the GAP you make money from racketing and everybody wins so if you shop online you might as well be getting cash back RAKUTEN an app is easy to do that simply to sign up free to use and you get paid literally for doing the same things you’d already be doing.
  • App number four is called CLICK WORKER. Now, what CLICK WORKER allows you to do is random little tasks that only a human being can do and I have a lot of students and friends and people that have used CLICK WORKER in the past and they’ve earned up to 30 dollars per hour literally to just use the app from their phone doing random everyday tasks now this could range from things like proofreading, categorizing websites or data or photos or images doing online research or even writing product descriptions for products online now the cool thing about CLICK WORKER is you can do this completely on your schedule you can earn money doing a variety of different tasks so that it never actually gets boring doing the same thing over and over and over like data entry or doing surveys and the real best part is you can do this from anywhere in the world on your schedule on your own time and make money just using your good old cell phone.
  • App number three is a website called SWAP.COM. Now, first of all, what a great domain name swap that one must have been expensive. Now, what SWAP do is they allow you to sell your old clothes on something called consignment now for those of you who’ve been around for a while like me and you’re old like I am you probably know what consignment means and you’re probably more familiar with it in the land of cars but for those of you who are not familiar what consignment means is somebody will take your stuff they’ll list it for sale and then once it sells they’ll pay you for it right so it’s no risk for you no risk for them everybody wins if you actually sell those products and so if you have a lot of old clothes or you have stuff sitting around in your closet or old shoes or things like that you can list them up on SWAP.COM they’ll do all the work marketing those items and they’ll do all of the work finding hundreds of thousands and millions of customers who want to buy your old gear and the best part is you can do this all from your cell phone from anywhere in the world.
  • App number two is called SLICETHEPIE. Now, for people who are familiar with slice the pie you’ve probably heard about it before wow that was obvious but for those of you who haven’t SLICETHEPIE is a music review site so if you like listening to music and you like getting paid then slice the pie might be perfect for you. Basically how it works is there are huge music companies and record companies that need music to be reviewed and they use it to find a new and upcoming artist to see what people are enjoying and to see what the overall feelings about certain artists and songs and musicians and albums are and so there’s a lot of money for those record companies and identifying new and upcoming artists and identifying you know potential music that could go viral or have widespread mass-market appeal and so they’re willing to pay everyday people just like you and me to go ahead and review those songs and albums and artists so that they can identify new potential winners and you can take advantage of that just by listening to music that you probably already love but get paid to do it from your good old cell phone.
  • The number one best app to make money online just using your cell phone is called THREDUP. Now, THREDUP is reasonably similar to SWAP.COM but THREDUP has a massive massive audience and market and anytime that you actually go ahead and list used items or clothes or products on the internet you want to list them in multiple places now why do you want to do that because you’re getting in front of other eyes right you’re getting in front of multiple millions of additional potential customers who might want to buy your old clothes and if you’re like me you probably have a lot of old stuff sitting in your closet that you probably haven’t even seen or touched literally for months or even years and so you might as well actually turn that into cash that you can invest into yourself or into learning or e-commerce or a fully scalable way to make money on the internet otherwise you’re just letting that sit in your closet and waste away rather than turning that into cash and so with thread up powering the over 50 billion dollar resale market you can take advantage of the age-old saying by turning your trash into another man’s treasure.



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