9 Foods That Weaken Your Immune System

Hey there readers I don’t think people realize just how important the immune system is like a force field that protects your body from bacteria viruses and toxins for it to work it needs to be in tip-top shape this means watching your diet let’s talk about foods that weaken your immune system do I stay away from refined carbs just how bad are fried foods exactly what about foods high in fat wait how unhealthy is the sweetener I put in my coffee we’re talking all that and more.

Which foods weaken the immune system?

1. Artificial Sweeteners

I know sweeteners are all the rage sometimes you don’t want real sugar in your coffee but people don’t realize just how much harm it can do your body I’m not saying it kills you instantly or anything but sweetener does harm your immune system experts have linked artificial sweeteners to altered gut composition and increased inflammation this delays your immune response and leads researchers to believe that a diet heavy on artificial sweeteners will eventually harm your immune system as a whole, a study has shown that sweeteners may very well lead to autoimmune disease but more research needs to be done. what type of coffee do you prefer do you load it with sugar are you more of a sweetener person do you just take it black sound off in the comment section and start a conversation with our community.

2. High Fat Foods

Now with that coffee in the morning you’ll likely be eating a quick drive-through item that’s just how a morning routine goes well many of these foods are loaded with saturated fats which is an unhealthy type of fat that can do damage to your immune system. Diets high in saturated fat and low in unsaturated fat are associated with poor immune response a bacon egg and cheese sandwich before work will cause inflammation this will stop your immune system from functioning properly a diet high in fat will increase your chances of infection this is because it slows down your white blood cells and damages the lining of your intestine. Other foods with high saturated fat include milkshakes ice cream chocolate butter and cured meats so try and curb your fast food cravings.

3. Foods With Lots Of Additives

Sorry guys some of your favorite processed junk foods are going to be featured on this list that’s because they’re terrible for your immune system. To improve the shelf life of processed foods additives need to be put in while you may enjoy the taste of a cheeseburger the long-term effects probably aren’t worth it additives can hurt your gut bacteria damage your intestines and bring on inflammation will stop your immune system from working properly. Let’s talk about carrageenan for a second don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with all these scientific words but this one’s important carrageenan is an additive used to preserve and thicken foods it’s been connected to inflammation in the intestines which weakens immunity and makes you more vulnerable to disease.




4. Charred Meats

I think I should first go through what charred meat is there are just so many types of meat out there charred meat is any kind of meat cooked over a high temperature usually charred over a live fire. While we all love a good meal cooked over the grill charred meat can damage your health. Let’s talk about ages for a second ages stand for advanced glycation end products these are harmful compounds that take form when protein fat and sugar mix in the bloodstream and charred meats are full of them. A 2013 study showed that out of hundreds of foods fried bacon broiled hot dogs grilled steak and roasted chicken thighs were the highest in ages I know it’s a blow for me too with summer around the corner I’m planning to go hard on the barbecue unfortunately it’s about to get worse these types of processed meats are also really high in saturated fats as I stated earlier this will only weaken your immune system further there’s also reason to believe that processed and charred meats can lead to colon cancer. This news is pretty devastating for anybody who loves to cook outdoors but don’t worry there’s a way around this all you need to do is pay attention to what you’re cooking and how long you’re cooking it.

5. Fried Foods

This one will help you think the next time you’re waiting in line at the drive-through fried foods from your favorite burger joint are also full of ages this will interrupt the function of your cells and spark inflammation taking a toll on your immune system aside from colon cancer, these ages have been linked to things like malaria metabolic syndrome and heart disease now I’m not trying to scare you or anything this doesn’t mean the next McDonald’s meal you buy is going to poison you you just need to make sure you’re not eating too much of it and mixing healthy items into your diet at the same time. Research has shown that cutting back on the usual suspects will reduce your age intake this means fewer chips french fries fried chicken and bacon just a thought people.

6. Omega-6 Fatty Foods

Now this one’s bound to be a curveball, I mean aren’t omega fats supposed to be healthy well it’s not that simple you need a proper balance you see your body needs omega-3 and omega-6 fats to survive but we’re usually high in omega-6 and low in omega-3 this spells big trouble for your immune system if you’re too high in omega-6 your body is going to produce proteins that weaken the immune system but if you’re getting the right omega-3s to balance this out the proteins will be reduced improving your immune response research shows that obese people with lots of omega-6 in their system have an increased risk of asthma over people with the right balance of omega fats in case you’re interested foods that contain omega-6s include walnuts peanut butter and avocado oil foods heavy on omega-3s however are fish like mackerel salmon and sardines as well as seeds like flak and chia moving on.

7. Salty Foods

Yup this means more of your favorite junk foods are on the chopping block, I don’t mean to pick on you salty foods not only slow down your body’s immune response foods loaded with sodium such as chips burgers and frozen dinners will inflame your body’s tissues this only increases the risk of autoimmune disease scientists have directly tied high sodium intake to the increase in autoimmune disease in western countries too much salt in your diet slows down immunity making you more vulnerable to inflammation it will also affect the state of your gut bacteria this will only boost your chances of disease. On top of that, it can worsen an autoimmune disease you already have like Crohn’s or lupus.

8. Added Sugar

This is one of the most important categories we will mention the more sugar you eat the worse off your immune system will be foods that are high in sugar increase your production of inflammatory proteins which will slow down the immune system this is extremely dangerous for people with diabetes their blood sugar levels elevate for a longer period than non-diabetic people high blood sugar will stop the production of cells in your body that fight off infections. Diets that are high in sugar have also been associated with increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis so if you’re looking to decrease your chances stay away from sweets and sugary sodas.

9. Refined Carbs

Let’s go through what refined carbs are these are carbohydrates found in things like white bread sodas pastries pasta and cereals they are made mostly of sugars and processed grains eating too many refined carbs will result in a dramatic spike in blood sugar and insulin levels, as a result, your body will have more free radicals and inflammatory proteins refined carbs will also damage your gut bacteria the best thing to do is to cut back on foods with higher levels of refined carbs, you’ll be doing your immune system a favor in the long run.

Do you eat any of the foods we just listed let us know in the comments below? Thanks For reading.

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