Hello friends! In today’s article, I’m going to share the five simple habits that I follow at the beginning of my day. Instead of having a complicated morning routine, I adopted simple and intentional steps that have a big impact on how my day unfolds. When I designed this little routine I had two things in mind: the habits needed to be quick and easy so that I could stick to them no matter what I needed to do on the day. This won’t be a super complicated morning routine but rather a curated and calm one.

Without further ado, let’s get right into my simple morning habits. Everyone has different schedules, responsibilities, and timetables, but I feel that we can all use a bit of a routine that can help us out to start the day on the right foot. Simple but repetitive actions make the difference, and they act like a compound interest when added up over time, creating a big impact on your life. Once again, it was important for me to create a morning ritual simple enough for me to stick to it.

After waking up, I take three deep breaths. The main idea is to remind me not to start the day in a rush. I am one of those that loves to sleep in for those extra five minutes, so I have been guilty of rushing to get myself ready in the past. But taking a few breaths does help me out to start my day more calmly.

Next, I grab my little journal and my gratitude minutes begin. I like to write down a few things that I’m grateful for. I feel that we give a lot of things for granted, so taking some time to reflect upon the good things in our lives can make the difference. Plus, I think that gratitude is a sort of muscle, and if you train it you are going to be able to recognize positive things with a lot more ease. This is just a nice appreciation time for me and I enjoy it.

I then like to write down a few goals and plans for the day. These are things that I would like to achieve or focus on but are not necessarily related to the schedule and the tasks that I need to complete on the day. For example, I could write down that on that day I would like to be more focused, or maybe more present, or for instance, I would like to phone call a friend or send a particular email.

Once this is done, I read some of the goals that I have written for myself before. They are: I want to feel good, I want to be healthy, I want to be mentally and emotionally strong, I want to be more disciplined and tidy, I want to learn and read more. For some reason, I like to remind myself of how I want to feel, and reading this involves a little bit of an envisioning exercise, as well as putting the law of attraction into practice. So it helps me to tackle my day with a lot more intention.

After this is done, I like to take some time to plan my day. And as you know, I’m still trying different planning methods to have a little bit of fun and I like to have a rough idea of the things that I need to get done, so being clear about my goals of the day prevents me from overworking, which I tend to do. I’m just trying to find a balance between work and leisure time, so I am making an effort to make space for that.

Now that these simple things are done, I just get ready and start my day.

And as you can see, these habits are quite simple and easy to complete, and I like this because it helps me to be more consistent. I have tried extremely complicated morning routines in the past, and I haven’t been able to stick to them for long enough, so this is just a simple but effective set of little actions.

If you did like the article, do not forget to subscribe button. I hope to see you next time, and please share with me which are the couple of morning habits that you make sure to follow every day. They can be as simple as mine, or maybe totally complicated. so I would love to read you in the comment section. I hope to see you next time, and please stay simple.

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