I said I’m excited about today’s topic and today I want to give you just a couple of tips and helpful hints about how to deal with anxiety. I know it comes on quickly and it can stay all day. Right? we start thinking about what’s coming up what I might have to do whose expecting us to meet this requirement or be perfect at this and it’s stressful. The anxiety’s always there. Right? so what do we do?
  • well, the first tip is something that I always tell you, journal about it it’s good to know and it helps me even to know what really causes my anxiety what’s the trigger right we talk about triggers for binging and purging and things like that what triggers our emotions because that usually leads to the behaviors later. Right? so if we can go backward what caused that before it. What was the emotion giving that trigger the energy? Right? what caused the anxiety so as we journal about it it’ll be easier when you look back you’re like oh that day I went and saw my mom she’s judgmental or I went and saw that toxic friend of mine sucked all the energy out of me I felt horrible the rest of the day those are things that we want to gather were like little information gatherers because otherwise we’re just looking at the behaviors and people are thinking why can’t you just get better, why can you just stop? it’s not like that. Right? If it was so easy that that’s just that’s ridiculous.
  • So the second tip so we’ve got journaling, I know I talk about that a lot sorry second step is breathing exercises now there are two types of exercises I guess it’s like the favored version because you can do it anywhere from standing in line and waiting to check out at a store or if I am riding the bus, or even if I am in my car I call it four-by-four breathing or equal breathing so how it works is I breathe in for four seconds I’m not talking anxiety four one-two-three-four that’s not gonna help what we’re trying to stop from happening I’m talking one Mississippi two Mississippi, remember when you were kids and everyone always used that that’s kind of the counting I’m talking about then we hold it at the top for just a brief second then we breathe out for four seconds that’s why it’s four-by-four in for four out for four. Got it? and you do that ten times Now the thing about this, the thing that’s great about that Is that you’re too busy counting to even be able to think about anything else so the anxiety is most likely going to go down okay so we’ve tried that we do four-by-four ten times something you can do on your own when you have a minute let’s say you sneak away because it’s a little anxiety-provoking we’ve stepped away or removed ourselves from the situation I’d call it it’s like weird nasal breathing that’s just what I’ll call it because people think is awkward and we’re uncomfortable and it’s really weird but they do it in yoga a lot and it’s shown to cleanse our body of the old air better and to bring in new air better so we breathe in through nostril right I’m blocking this breathing in here I release I plug and I breathe out Right? it’s a little more complicated but I think the reason that it works is that my brain’s too busy wondering did I breathe in that or out there? What do I? which finger? we can’t think about everything else but you do that ten times as well so we go in, out, in, out. Right? You get it. and let me know if those work those are just two breathing exercises among a lot of others that I have so give me some feedback maybe the nose one works a lot for you guys or it doesn’t work at all.
  • The last tip that I have Just like we have journaling we have breathing exercises now we have music Now, music can be so influential I know it is for me If I’m listening to like a brand new Rihanna song or some upbeat new song that’s out I can get jazzed about where I’m going like I know if I’m meeting some girlfriends and we’re going out I’m going to listen to that music so that I’m all excited and I’ve got energy, I’m ready to go But, if I’m really anxious to let’s say I’m heading to a really stressful interview Or I have to meet with somebody that I don’t want to meet with but I couldn’t find a way of getting out of it I listen to calm music one of my favorites right now is Joshua Radin and I know he’s been out for a long time you guys have probably heard some of his music he’s very relaxing they call it like folk music I think or something, whisper folk, that’s what they call it It’s very soothing music.
So, those are just some tips on how we can help better manage and like I always say comment below Tell me it’s horrible to tell me it’s great to tell me what works for you what doesn’t what may be worked for a friend of yours that he/she told you about any of that feedback is great because we’re here to help each other right were wanting to create this community of honesty non-judgmental comments and experiences let’s just be ourselves find out what works.

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