Hey, my friends today. I’m gonna cover 5 REASONS WHY YOU’LL ALWAYS BE BROKE. Before I want to get into this article I don’t mean to offend anyone I just want you to admit it if you are broke you have to admit it that’s the first step. I’ve been broke many times and I want to share with you these five reasons why you may be broken as well right now so if you understand it and you’re willing to make these changes then you will be able to fix your poverty and you my friend can eventually become rich so listen up.

Reasons Why You Will Always Be Poor

~The first reason why you’re broke is that you TOLERATE it you accept it when you look around yourself you actually want the kind of poverty you have right now if you didn’t want it you would make the changes and you would do something about it even if you wanted to change you would ask people for advice you would go to rich places you were taught to rich people if you see a guy or a lady with a nice car at a gas station you would ask them hey ma’am, hey sir what’s the secret to your success can you teach me something that I do not know remember there’s a difference between being broke and being poor being broke is just temporary being poor is eternal. If you’re broke be willing to make the changes be willing to read the books be willing to search for advice be willing to do whatever it takes to put some money in your pocket.

~The second reason why you’re broke is because you DIDN’T DO THE MATH you didn’t pick up a calculator and you didn’t decide how much money you actually want to make make sure you do your numbers look at your bank account look at the interest rates on the credit cards or the mortgages or the loans that you have if the numbers don’t make sense then you really need to change those numbers and decide to never make those kind of payments again if you really want to do the math you’re gonna go to the bank and print out your bank statements and you’re gonna go through every single item that you purchased or if you don’t use a bank you’re gonna look at your cash and you’re gonna ask yourself how can I use this cash to do even more how can I expand it how can I multiply it you’re gonna do whatever it takes to make sure that cash works for you pick up a calculator right now and decide how much money you want to make in the given year let’s say for  instance you want to make a hundred thousand dollars a year now if you take a hundred thousand divided by two hundred fifty working days that’s four hundred dollars every single day you work you can do that if you really want to. If you do the math you’ll be able to know how much money you want and you’ll be able to put your mind in action to actually work those numbers to produce those figures and money will start to trickle down your path.

~The third reason why you’re poor is THAT YOU SPEAK IT, you tell people you’re poor, you tell people you can’t afford it, you tell people that you’re miserable that you’re not gonna be happy that you’re not going to be successful and that’s the reason why you broke instead of saying I can’t afford it or it’s too expensive to start asking yourself how can I afford it how can I earn more money how can I do better how can I add more value so that I can earn as much as I want to earn. Instead of making negative affirmations begin to make positive ones say things like money comes to me freely frequently and easily if you start to suggest to your mind that money is coming to you then you will start to have it in your life.

~The fourth reason why you’re broke is that YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH IT you don’t try to make the changes that you could that is easy to make for instance. I’ve talked to people that they wouldn’t even change their lightbulb they wouldn’t even change the battery in your smoke alarm they won’t even do the little things that will make their life better but they’ll take the beeps they’ll take the clicks they’ll take the noise and they don’t make the changes how sad is that stop surrounding yourself with poverty start to look for people that work start to surround yourself with things that operate to its fullest capacity start surrounding yourself with wealthy places both wealthy people with wealthy things it doesn’t even matter how much money you have all that matters is that you surround yourself with these things and eventually the money will find a way into your life.

~The fifth reason why you’re broke is THAT YOU’RE AFRAID OF WEALTH you’re afraid of money you’re afraid to be successful you’re afraid to step into your purpose let me give you a clear example when I began my journey I was very broke but I remember I would go visit certain malls and I don’t think to me if I could just get around these places well I remember seeing one Rolex store that I always try to avoid I’ll walk across and I will try to avoid this store however one day I decided to actually go in and try one on I had to muster up all my courage and go in there with the full effort I was afraid but I knew that is what I had to do I remember trying on the watch and I was looking at it thinking to me one day I’m going to get it one day I’ll be able to afford it take a look within your life and ask yourself am I actually avoiding wealth when I see wealthy people and big houses and nice cars and great things do I say to me this is out of my league or do I actually accept it. If you accept it then you will have it but you’ve got to really want it you have to have a strong desire to attain it and your mind will find a way to creatively manifest it in your life.

In summary, those are the five reasons why you’re broke but it better not stay that way you better make the changes because wealth is for you if you’re inspired by this article make sure you share it with other people. I look forward to seeing you next time and I look forward to seeing you become as rich as you can be.

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