Seven best side hustles that pay you $20 to $200 per hour.

Maybe you’re working at a job right now, but you’re not making enough money and you’re looking for a side hustle, something that you can start on the side in your spare time to generate more money, or you’re perfectly happy with the job, you’re making a decent income. But hey, who turns down money, you want to earn some extra cash, or maybe you’re going through school, you’re going to school you’re studying but you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash. Today, I’m gonna teach you the seven best side hustles that I know of that would pay you $20 to $200 per hour. Are you excited?

Let’s go!

Number one and that is buying and Selling Used Stuff. You can now turn junk into cash. Now, this is kind of the old flea market model but we’ll take it online. Maybe you have parents and friends and relatives, maybe grandma and grandpa, right? They got stuff that’s been around is sitting around and not doing anything with it. You can take this stuff and you can actually flip it and sell it online. Let’s say there’s an item here that is worth $100 sell it online for $100you would give 60 bucks to grandma, grandpa and you can keep $40 for everything that you sell, not only you helping them to clean up some space, just because it may not be useful for you it may be very useful for somebody. There are so many sites you could go to Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay that’s how I got started on the internet. So number one, buying and selling used stuff.

The second side hustles and is Copywriting. Now, I said copywriting I’m not talking about the academic writing that you learn in school. I’m talking about persuasive writing. Okay, when it comes to persuasive writing, you write the way that you talk you think about on the internet, social media posts, emails, any ads, think about landing pages, websites, and funnels, all these things on the internet they need a copy. So companies, entrepreneurs, are looking and constantly looking for copywriters. There’s a huge demand for copywriters and because it’s not taught in school, it’s more learn as you go or you’re learning through a course type kind of skill is a great side hustle that could pay you an extra $20, $30, $50, $100, $200 even $500 an hour. Very, very simple side hustle that you can start in your spare time.

Side hustle number three and that is Tutoring. Now I’m not just talking about math guess if you’re good at school, maybe you can teach someone English, you teach them Math, you teach them Chemistry and the different subjects and topics within the school, but maybe you have a skill set you very good playing piano. You’re very good at playing guitar, maybe you’re a great dancer. You can offer private lessons to people. I’ve heard of very, very young kids making $50, $100 just teaching simple lessons. There are so many people making $50, $100 per hour just as a tutor teaching something, teaching people how to play piano teaching someone how to play guitar teaching someone how to dance, you could do the same thing.

Number four and that is Closing. you’re closing for a company meaning you are working as a commission-based salesperson. Now I’m not talking about knocking door to door although you could do that, as a commission-based closer or salesperson, you’re working on Commissions. Meaning let you sell something for $500, $1,000. Let’s say $1,000 you get a 10% commission, you are making $100 per sale. Now, in some cases, if you close on the phone, sometimes it might take you 30 minutes. Sometimes it might take you an hour to close that sell as a closer, which I believe it’s one of the highest-paid profession in the world, you can make an incredible income without a lot of credentials, without that degree. And you can do that in your spare time. Because companies, they’re paying you for results. When you get paid based on results. There’s no limit to how much money you can earn. So closing very, very powerful side hustle. Something that I highly recommend.

Side hustle number five and that is Sitting. No, not just sitting here! I’m talking about dog sitting, house sitting, babysitting. If you love animals, if you love dogs and you wanna spend time with dogs you can just walk them and charge the dog owner X amount per hour. And you can do that in your spare time is something that you love to do. Babysitting again, very, very simple thing that you can do. In some cases, if you’re working with the right client, the right household, you could charge quite a bit of money for that. So dog sitting, housesitting, babysitting.

Side hustle number six and that is Renting Out Spaces with Airbnb. Do you know that you can rent out your room, your garage, even your backyard on Airbnb and make some extra cash on the side? You can rent out your backyard for people to go camping and believe it or not, you can easily charge a couple of hundred bucks per night for these spaces and all it takes is for you an hour, two hours of your time to clean up the place and get it ready to go. So rental spaces with Airbnb.

Side hustle number seven and that is Social Media Management. There’re so many companies out there that they need someone to help them to manage their social media accounts, their Facebook account, Instagram account or YouTube account, and they would gladly pay someone a retainer, it could be a few hundred dollars a month for a small business a small account to thousands and thousands of dollars per month or even tens of thousands of dollars per month for them to manage their social media accounts or presence. So if you are familiar with social media or you know how social media works, and I’m not saying that you have to be an expert, but if you just know more than most people, you could easily offer your services to these companies and earn an extra $20 to $200 per hour.

Now, I believe the number one side hustle that you could do, believe is closing because it gives you the highest leverage with the least amount of work and it’s something that you can understand and learn in a very, very short period.

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