Hey, what’s up guys today we’re talking about five skills that you can sell that I think are in pretty high demand on the Fiverr platform these are gonna be skills that for the most part, anyone can do as long as you’re putting in a little bit of time to practice and get good at the skill in question. These are skills that you could probably sell for anywhere from five dollars per order to upwards of fifty dollars per order depending on the level of skill and um demand and you know the competition in the market involved with that particular gig or skill. So, let’s get started.
  • Number One, and I’m starting with what’s the most commonly offered service on Fiverr is logo design you know although it’s a niche that is supersaturated and a ton of sellers do it still is super in-demand service you know any entrepreneur starting a business anyone starting a side hustle anyone creating a website at some point in that journey they need a logo whether or not people are going to give it a shot themselves or turn to someone like Fiverr logo designers are in demand, now given that so many people offer logo design services this is one of those gigs that I think you know you probably offer for five dollars unless you can find ways to differentiate yourself from the pack of other logo designers through offering some sort of value add whether that be you know total branding design consult consultations or services or things like that that you can upsell from the from the logo design but this is number one logo design I think it’s a great the thing that you can sell for five dollars I think it’ll always be in demand.
  • Number Two, on this list is youtube thumbnail design now this kind of piggybacks off of logo design you know I think it uses pretty much the same skill set you might just need to do a little bit of research and get some know-how into what matters for a youtube thumbnail you know youtube creators like thumbnails that are clicky and get people to click through and watch the video so this is where logo design and graphic design in general can get a little bit more lucrative you know you’re going into a more niche focus youtube content creators have a specific goal in mind and they see value directly from having good thumbnails so if you have the know-how to create a good-looking youtube thumbnail that’ll get people click this is something that you could use to kick up your earnings from being just like a logo designer or general graphic designer to creating thumbnails on an ongoing basis for people I create my thumbnails but I know a lot of creators who you know would probably be willing to pay anywhere from five to like 15 or 20 bucks per thumbnail, if they’re effective and go with the brand on their channel so this is something you should consider.
  • Third, on this list is PowerPoint or presentation design so you know it doesn’t have to be PowerPoint you know a lot of people use google slides nowadays the free tool in google you know suite of tools but basically what I’ve noticed in 2021 is so many people are starting a side hustle so many people are starting to drop ships start these online businesses and a lot of them have the goal of getting acquired getting some sort of funding or scaling up at some point in that type of a business journey people are going to need to make a pitch to investors to future partners and people like that most people do a pitch via PowerPoint or you know a google slide the presentation you know especially when you can’t believe you know a remote presentation needs some sort of a presentation the deck now if you can sell services where you’re offering to build you know creative engaging presentation decks for people this is something that you can do. So if you’re someone who already knows how to create compelling powerpoints or wants to learn this is something pretty lucrative for you and I can see these types of services being sold anywhere from 25 dollars per deck to like 50 plus per deck depending on the level of work and expertise you’re bringing to the table definitely, a good one.
  • Number Four, on this list isn’t one that I’m super excited about myself because I don’t know how I feel about the company but click funnels has become super popular in the circle of online hustlers on youtube so, sorry not on youtube just on the internet in general a lot of people are trying to start businesses a lot of people have fallen into the click funnels marketing funnel thinking that click funnels are the number one way to you know funnel prospects through your sales funnel to purchase your product whether or not that’s true is not up to I but I know a lot of people are doing it but I also know a lot of people don’t have that skills or expertise to set up an effective click funnel so if that’s something you’re willing to learn or you already have some experience doing you can make big bucks here you know a a lot of online businesses depend solely on a click funnel for all of their online sales and moving people through their marketing funnel so you can offer them services where you’re confident you can help them create a funnel that converts you can charge  pretty much whatever you want for this service you know depending on the cost of their products and how much money you theoretically, be making them through conversions through their funnel so I say this is something you probably start selling for around 50 bucks depending on what you know how complicated or how much work is involved in setting up the funnel but a lot of the people I work with on Fiverr or entrepreneurs who start up a new business every month or two doing something different so if they like your work I could see a client purchasing you know click funnel configuration services from you purchasing these services from you on an ongoing basis as they launch new products online so definitely a good one for you to look into and put some time into learning.
  • Number Five, on this list has to do with the current the climate that we’re going through um globally and this is trip planning so a lot of people have been cooped up at home not many people have been traveling but I do know that there’s a lot of buzzes going around with these countries offering free visas and stuff and you know trip companies trying to get ahead of people’s travel plans for 2021 onwards so if you have experience with a certain country you’ve been places or you’re you know just good at building itineraries this is something that you could sell as a service online for people looking to get ready to travel once they can travel again I mean you know this isn’t a huge high skill service it’s kind of more grunt work and scouring the internet for you know good destinations and making a good itinerary but I think you could sell these types of services anywhere from five to fifteen dollars and once you create an itinerary for a place if you get a customer in the future that has a similar travel plan or goal in mind you can reuse and repurpose a lot of these destinations that you’re using this is this is an awesome one all right.
So those are the five things that I think you can sell in fiverr effectively at this stage in 2020 I mean if any of these appeal to you and you don’t have what it takes yet take the initiative and learn you know a a lot of people expect to just be answered how to make a lot of money the reality is you need to put in the grunt work learn a skill and make yourself valuable so if you know something like presentation design or creating youtube thumbnails applies to you practice it yourself without clients just pick 10 youtube channels and make 10 thumbnails you think that might work for some of the videos they already have on their channel if they look good and you think they’re up to par start offering that as a service same goes with powerpoint design pick a the random company on the internet and try to put yourself in the shoes of a sales person at that company would this deck work for them would you use it if they were them practice building your portfolio through practice and you know at some point someone’s going to you know either look at you and say hey this person’s doing something better then I can do I’m going to hire them or maybe that’s not for you and you pick something else from the list that i’ve gone through today. so thanks again for reading remember to share and until next time cheers.

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